Radio and TV interviews

Generally not archived online, but a few examples:

Financial engineering and the Orpea care home scandal, Blast (France), May 2022

Islamic State used Nazi technology to produce devastating weapons, RFI, Dec 2020

How smuggled arms fuel Nigeria’s communal clashes, Africa Today (BBC World Service), Jan 2020

Illicit arms used in northern Nigeria farmer-pastoralist conflict same source as Mali jihadists, RFI, Jan 2020

Arms Flows to South Sudan: exposing South Sudans’ neighbours and commercial intermediaries, BBC World News, Nov 2018

Where does Sudan get its weapons from? BBC Focus on Africa, April 2017

What the Panama Papers means for the Global South, CBC, April 2016

How the Central African Republic’s rebel groups have obtained some of their weapons, BBC World Service news, January 2015

The effects of connecting aid to military and security objectives, Guardian podcast, 10 February 2011

[French] Loopholes in European regulations on the international trade in equipment used for torture and capital punishment, Radio France Internationale, 18 March 2010.

I’m also occasionally asked to be a talking-head on political and military affairs in South Sudan. Being white, male and not South Sudanese I’m obviously eminently qualified to do so. E.g. Al Jazeera – Inside Story (May 2015), ABC radio (May 2015, Aug 2015).

Films and talks

Audio only: Arms and the Men. A talk in the Sudan/South Sudan seminar series convened by the SOAS Centre for African Studies and the Sudan Studies Society of the UK (SSSUK), 16 November 2015.

A very short film trailing this Amnesty International report on the 2009 Conakry stadium massacre in Guinea

Discussing changes in the conflicts in South Sudan, Inside Story, Al Jazeera, March 2016

A three-minute film I helped to make in 2012 with the brilliant Paul Wu, ActionAid Zambia, ActionAid UK and Chris Chow on life in the sugar town of Mazabuka, southern Zambia, to accompany this investigation into multinational tax avoidance by a UK-headed sugar company:

A 2013 talk in Hexham, UK, on the connection between tax havens, arms trafficking and corporate tax avoidance.

Illustrated through two investigations into tax treaty shopping in southern Africa via Ireland, the Netherlands and Mauritius; and a clandestine delivery of main battle tanks, tracked from a Ukrainian military port to their combat use on the Sudan/South Sudan border via corporate vehicles and banks in the Isle of Man, the British Virgin Islands, Latvia and the United Kingdom (includes short clips shot by Ally Ngethi and Paul Wu)

A panel discussion on dysfunctions in the global food system at the Frontline Club in London, March 2013:

Taxing Multinationals, a conference panel discussion at the Oxford Centre for Business Taxation, Oxford University, March 2013:

Should tax be taxing, a short panel discussion on attitudes to tax at the Royal Society of Arts in London, April 2012:

Parliamentary evidence

Oral evidence on UK arms export controls, tracing, and the experience of verifying weapons deliveries in Somalia as part of the Joint Verification Teams, given to the UK House of Commons’ Arms Export Controls Committee, 20 April 2021.

Oral evidence on UK arms export controls, brokering controls and end-use monitoring, to the UK House of Commons’ Arms Export Controls Committee, 6 February 2019.

Oral evidence on EU proposals on digital taxation, the future of the ‘double Irish’ and the ‘Single Malt’, to the Oireachtas Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, Ireland, 3 May 2018.

Oral evidence on cross-border information-exchange of financial account information to the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, 28 May 2013.

Oral evidence on the future of the corporate income tax to the UK House of Lords’ Economic Committee, 21 May 2013.

Oral evidence on the EU ban on the trade in equipment used for torture to the European Parliament’s Sub-Committee on Human Rights, 18 March 2010.